opHA can send syslogs using escalation or send syslogs at the same time as the events are logged to the local file, which is basically realtime, this bypasses using the escalation system.

Primary Configuration

We need to make sure the Primary is setup to receive logs, the following documentation is for rsyslog. 
Edit the rsyslog config /etc/rsyslog.conf, make sure it is willing to accept logs, and that the facility used above is going into the poller_event_log

# Provides UDP syslog reception
$ModLoad imudp.so
$UDPServerRun 514

# Provides TCP syslog reception
$ModLoad imtcp.so
$InputTCPServerRun 514

#poller NMIS servers use local1 by default, capture that into poller_event.log
local1.*                                                /usr/local/nmis8/logs/poller_event.log

Now make sure rsyslog is running. 
service rsyslog restart

Poller Configuration

Now configure NMIS pollers to send their logs through syslog to your primary server. To run events through syslog check this config setting:
'syslog_events' => 'true'

Then make sure the config has the correct settings for the primary syslog service, specifically make sure the syslog_server points to the correct host, proto and port: 

'syslog' => {
    'syslog_events' => 'true',
    'syslog_facility' => 'local1',
    'syslog_server' => 'master.ip.address:udp:514',
    'syslog_use_escalation' => 'false'

To run Escalations on events before syslog:

To run events through escalations before putting them into syslog:
'syslog_use_escalation' => 'true'

No Escalations on events before syslog:

To have events go directly into syslog without escalations
'syslog_use_escalation' => 'false'

This will use the Common-events model to determine which events should be sent as syslogs, by default all events will be sent, except for some of those events for deleted interfaces, etc.


On the poller run: 

[root@poller nmis8]#/usr/local/nmis8/admin/testsyslog.pl

If using the NMIS9 version of applications, use this command to test syslog:

./usr/local/nmis9/admin/tests.pl act=syslog

On the primary you should see the event (in the GUI as well if you refresh) 

[root@master logs]# tail -f /usr/local/nmis8/logs/poller_event.log
Jan  5 10:24:42 demo testsyslog.pl[20840]: NMIS_Event::demo::1420417479,demo,Test Event,Normal,,
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