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opHA introduces the concept of a Primary & multiple Poller servers:

  • The Primary is the server that keeps the information of all the pollers and it is where we can read all the information from.
  • The Pollers, collect their own data, and send that information to the Primary when it is requested. 

The process of synchronising the information of the nodes is made by the Primary. The Primary requests the information for each poller with pull requests. 

The first time the pull script runs, it requests all the data for each configured poller. Next time, it requests only the modified data since the last synchronisation. 



RELEASED 9 July 2024


RELEASED 27th March 2024

  • Fixed issue where with a query to filter which nodes should be moved to a peer could silently fail.
  • Added safety guard where if more than 90% of nodes on a peer need to be removed then the job will abort unless force=1 is passed into sync-all-nodes.
  • Added new config item opha_node_exclusion_pattern which takes a Regex pattern. This allows you to exclude certain nodes being removed from a peer, for example global nodes.


RELEASED 19th March 2024

  • Fixed issue where opHA would cause nodes to be removed and re-added to the peer.
  • Better error handling around primary to peer node sync.


RELEASED 7th March 2024

  • Fixed issue with error handling when transferring inventory and nodes.
  • Fixed issue when transferring large amount of nodes from the primary to a peer.
  • Fixed issue where no nodes would be transferred if there are zero nodes on the target peer.


Internal release.


RELEASED 30 January 2024

  • Release to support upcoming message bus technologies.
  • Added support for Debian 11 to the installer
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