Product Compatibility

Refer to product compatibility to determine supported Operating Systems and Database Versions.

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This page provides a brief overview of the major changes between opHA releases.

opHA 2.3.0

RELEASED 13 Dec 2021


  • Added secrets randomise and secure cookies. For more information see Security Configurations
  • Updated jQuery dependencies.

opHA 2.2.1

RELEASED  30 March 2021.

Upgrade Notes

This version provides new authentication configurations:

  • Limit the number of sessions per user
  • Lock users that have not logged in in a specified period of time

opHA 2.1.6

Released 22 June 2018

This is a maintenance release.

  • Authentication from localhost no longer required to kick off pull/push
  • Last Load added to server status table, records the last time that server was loaded from, (where last update is the last time that server was saved to/updated)
    • It is possible that last login success is no longer updated on normal push/pull and only on server login testing
  • Removed "all" as a transfer option, server name must now be specified
  • Removed log view from menu

opHA 2.1.5

Released 3 May 2018

This is a maintenance release.

  • protocol setting in Servers.nmis is now properly honoured (previously only used http)
  • GUI once again functions with newer versions of other apps

opHA 2.1.4

Released 9 Sep 2015

This is a maintenance release.

  • This version interoperates fully with NMIS 8.5.10G, and requires at least this version of NMIS to be installed. Please check the Product Compatibility page for details.

opHA 2.1.2

Released 3 Mar 2015

This  is a maintenance release that fixes a few bugs.

  • The installer was improved slightly for better robustness.
  • The opHA log viewing page now works correctly.

opHA 2.1.1

Released 22 Dec 2014.

This is a maintenance release that incorporates mainly bug fixes and only one new feature.

  • opHA now ships with the new Opmantek Installer, which provides a much simpler and safer installation and upgrade process.
  • various minor updates to Javascript and GUI-related files.
  • a small warning: the installer may warn about two "incorrect checksum detected" for two files, if you install this version on top of the Opmantek Virtual Appliance version 8.5.6G or after other Opmantek applications that were released since opHA 2.1.1. These warnings are benign and you can safely confirm that the installer is allowed to 'overwrite' those files.
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