Bandwidth Exceeds Contract Report

Available in pre-release opReports 3.5.0.
Not available in opReports 3.5 ( the official release as at 20 December 2021 ).

This report provides bandwidth exceeds contract information for node interfaces specified in a Burst Billing Customer List File.
This report requires input from a Burst Billing Customer List.

This report is not available from opReports GUI → Views → On-Demand Reports → Create New Report.

Burst Billing Customer List

In the GUI you'd select "from Burst Billing Customer List File (Upload)" and upload the file of choice. For opreports-cli you use burst_billing_customer_list=<path to listfile>, and for a scheduled report you would set the property burst_billing_customer_list with the value being the path to the list file.

The Burst Billing Customer List can only be in csv format:

  • Each entry must start with the node name, folllowed by an interface, a client number, contracted upstream (mbps) and contracted downstream (mbps):

    Burst Billing Customer List in csv format

    Interfaces can be identified by the numeric SNMP interface index, or by the SNMP ifDescr property.

opCommon Configuration settings

/path/to/omkj/conf/opCommon.nmis has the following specific configuration settings for this report:

'opreports' =>
  ...   'bandwidth_exceeds_contract_csv_display_heading_row' => 0,   ...

Examples of Use:

To get the Burst Billing Report not to write headings to the first row of the csv file output for the report:

  • execute this one-line command:

    sudo /usr/local/omk/bin/patch_config.exe /usr/local/omk/conf/opCommon.nmis /opreports/bandwidth_exceeds_contract_csv_display_heading_row=0

Layout Customisation

The layout of this report can be customised from opReports GUI → Views → Report Schedules → Create New → Report → Type=Bandwidth Exceeds Contract Report → Layout tab:

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