New in version 3.1.0: The Configuration Summary report  displays an overview of one or more node's configuration items, grouped into three categories:

  • The most essential polling-related options,
  • The services that are checked for the given node
  • And all monitored elements for said node. Monitored elements in this context means the elements that NMIS collects performance data for and for which an alert, custom alert (threshold rising/falling), or threshold do exist.

This report type is optimised for XLSX output, but HTML and CSV output types are available as well.

This report produces a snapshot of the status at report generation time; report start and end periods do not apply and are ignored.

A full example report of a few nodes can be downloaded and viewed Here.

The first category in the report displays an overview of the selected device(s):

The second row displays the services that are checked for the given node(s):

The last row shows all monitored elements for the node(s):

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