Interface Utilisation Report

The interface utilisation report shows the interface utilisation statistics for one or more interfaces. By default it will display the averages for input, output, combined and higher-of-in-and-output bandwidth utilisation, as well as exception counts and cumulative exception period.

Exceptions are defined as any of the utilisation readings rising above option util_threshold (default: 80%). The exception period is defined as all the intervals with over-threshold readings. In addition to those raw readings, the labeling of an interface as in exceptional or normal state is controlled by option util_threshold_mincount (default: 1), which defines how many exceptions have to be observed before the interface is labelled "bad".

This report can be further adjusted with these options:

  • Option show_threshold (default: true)
    If set to false, no thresholds are shown; instead the bandwidth, average traffic and average utilisation are presented (plus a shortened report period column).
  • Option show_only_util (default: false)
    If show_treshold is false, and if show_only_util is set to true, then only bandwidth and average utilisation are shown (i.e. average traffic is omitted).

Example of an Interface Utilisation Report with the option show_threshold=true shown below. The full report can be viewed by downloading the ZIP file Here

To switch the report to display only bandwidth and average utilisation, click the show only util box. This is an advanced option and is shown in a screen shot below.

With the advanced option show_threshold=false and show_only_util=true the report displays similar to the screen shot below. The full report can be viewed by downloading the ZIP file Here


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