opReports 3.1.10 introduces a newly developed  known_reports_cache  to speed up the loading of reports:

  • A new option  'opreports_do_cache_known_reports'  in  /path/to/omk/conf/opCommon.nmis  determines whether this cache is enabled or disabled.
  • The cache is enabled by default since opReports 3.1.11.

When the known_reports_cache is enabled and one deletes generated reports via the commandline or in a cron job, it is necessary to update the  known_reports_cache flag files modified time to flag that the cache must refresh - this command will suffice:

  • touch /path/to/omk/var/opreports/known_reports_cache/*.flag

Flushing the cache with the above command is safe and may also be useful in problem-solving.

The performance of the opReports known_reports_cache can be summarised as follows, when checked on a virtual server with 4 CPUs , 16GB of RAM, not using any swap, and with 2.7GB size of /path/to/omk/var/ directory:

opReports Page LoadedTime to load without known_reports_cache (seconds)Time to load with known_reports_cache (seconds)
Operational Status40.27


Report Schedules17.563.29
Saved Reports26.0113.48
Opening grouped_capacity Report within Saved Reports Page86425.23
On-Demand Reports18.243.33
Opening grouped_capacity Report within On-Demand Reports Page95425.43
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