Node Availability Report

Please note that the precise content of this report is subject to change.

This report provides an overview of nodes' reachability and down time for a given period (which may include business days and/or business hours filtering).
For each selected node the report shows the percentage of time the node was up, down, or partially reachable (i.e. up but packet loss was encountered), plus the percentage of time where NMIS couldn't collect any reachability information whatsoever, as well as the cumulative periods for up, down and periods with missing data.

New in version 3.1.10

opreports_availability_average_packetloss (default: false)

A new configuration setting 'opreports_availability_average_packetloss' in /path/to/omk/conf/opCommon.nmis, controls whether the previous 'Packet Loss %'  (now renamed 'Count Packet Loss %' ) or 'Average Packet Loss %' is displayed in this report.
'opreports_availability_average_packetloss' => 'false' , the default setting, causes 'Count Packet Loss %'  to be displayed:  This can be interpreted as 'percentage of readings with some amount of packet loss (Count readings with any packet loss / Number of readings)'.
'opreports_availability_average_packetloss' => 'true' causes 'Average Packet Loss %'  to be displayed:  This can be interpreted as ''Average Packet Loss (Sum of packets lost / Number of readings).

New in version 3.1.6

Configurable graph colors.

It is possible to set different colors for the node state using hex notation using the following variable:

'report_node_availability_colors' =>
'down' => '#d9534f',
'unreachable' => '#e6e619',
'up' => '#59cf59',
'partially_reachable' =>'#288a28'

New in version 3.1.5

opreports_availability_strict (default: true)

  • if missing or 'true', then the normal behaviour for nodata-or-normal is used (ie. if reachability isn't present, it counts as nodata).
    • no data = 'down' when opreports_availability_strict=true
  • If set to 'false', then records with missing reachability but existing response time are fudged up so that the reachability = 100 (and loss = 0 if that's also missing) and therefore such a record does NOT count as nodata.
    • no data = 'up' when opreports_availability_strict=false

In both cases, if reachability is missing but response time is present, a debug3 about the inconsistency is logged. This applies to both availability report data and availability report graphs.

New in version 3.0.10

optional embedded graphs

From version 3.0.10 on this report offers optional embedded graphs of each node's availability. The default choice is to include graphs but you can change that using the report option embedgraphs. In the GUI this option is named "Include Embedded Graphs". The contents of the graph are not configurable, but the desired size can be set using the configuration option opreports_embedded_graph_size (default: 600 pixels wide by 150 pixels high).


A downloadable ZIP of the full report can be viewed Here

The image below shows the Node availability over a seven day time period.

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