Uptime Report

in version 3.1.10

New option 'Exceptions Report' (Default: true)

The Uptime Report now offers this new option which defaults to the original behaviour of only returning nodes according to opCommon configuration settings:

where uptime is shorter than uptime_shortest_days (default 7); or

where uptime is longer than uptime_longest_days (default 365).

When 'Exceptions Report=false', the Uptime Report provides a third column with the remainder of nodes that have an uptime to report,
in other words, those with uptime from uptime_shortest_days to uptime_longest_days.

Please read Generating Reports for generating on-demand reports: this new option is uptime_exceptions on that page.


The Uptime Report provides an overview of recently restarted devices, as well as very long running ones.

The configuration items uptime_shortest_days (default 7) and uptime_longest_days (default 365) define which nodes should be selected for display.

Example Uptime Report

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