Command Compare

opConfig gives you the ability to easily compare command outputs. opConfig stores command revisions so you can compare various command outputs from different days or nodes. This feature allows you to get an idea of how a node is performing over time. As shown in the screenshot below, using the MTR command we can see and compare the functionality of both the ping and traceroute commands for the different command run revisions. To make the Command Compare even more convenient you can also do a Run Diff on the results to view the changes easier.

Once the Command Compare is complete you can make viewing these differences even more convenient by clicking the 'Run Diff' button on the results to view the changes more clearly.

How-To Command Compare


Navigate to your opCharts GUI and click on Views → Compare Command Outputs

Step 2:

Enter in the Node, Command and Revision for the older version of the command you wish to compare then click 'View' to see the commands output displayed below.


There will be no Commands populated for a Node that has not had any commands recently. In order to get this drop down menu to populate you would first need to have command history stored from previously run commands.

In the Select Newer Version box, follow the same process and choose the node, command and revision you wish to compare commands with then click 'View' to view the command output.

Step 3:

Use the "Run Diff' button to easily see the differences between the command sets by the color coded changes.

That's all there is to it! Now enjoy knowing with the click of a few buttons you have historical command data as well as the ability to compare them at your fingertips.

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