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Linking with opCharts/NMIS can be done to an NMIS instance on the same server (Local) or can integrate to a remote instance of opCharts.  The server (local or remote) must not be a master instance it must be a normal poller/slave instance.

If you are linking to a local omkd do not use a remote connection.

Local NMIS integration

If the config setting 'opflow_opcharts_url_base' is left blank, opFlow will attempt to load node information from a local NMIS server found at 'nmis_dir' => '/usr/local/nmis8'


Code Block
# NOTE: no trailing slash
'opflow_opcharts_url_base' => "http://localhostsomeserver.tld:8042", # base for omk, do not connect to localhost this way, use local nmis integration
'opflow_opcharts_user' => "nmis",      # needs ro-access
'opflow_opcharts_password' => "nm1888",