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  • opHA2 Installation and Configuration Guide

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  • To add new users see the documentation here for adding users to htpasswd, the htpasswd file for opHA is in /usr/local/omk/conf/
  • After you have the users configured you will need to modify /usr/local/omk/conf/opCommon.nmis, find the line "'opha_allowed_ips' => [''] and
    • Pollers  do the following: add the IP addresses of the
    opHA servers
    • Master Server(s) that are allowed to connect to the server you are configuring.
    • Master Servers do the following: add the IP addresses of every Poller Server that it will manage.

The ohha_allowed-ips entry contains an array of IP addresses. Each entry must be enclosed with single quotes and separated by commas. Failure to properly format this line will prevent the push/pull of data, although the Test Connection may pass. See the example below:

For example , if we want to allow the servers at and to connect to this server, we add them to conf/opCommon.nmis like this:

Master Server opCommon.nmis setting for "opha_allowed_ips"

Code Block
'opha_allowed_ips' => ['', '', ''Poller2IP'],
Poller opCommon.nmis setting for "opha_allowed_ips"
Code Block
'opha_allowed_ips' => ['', 'Master1IP', 'Master2IP'],
NB!! : Restart the daemon (needed after any config change)