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opConfig 4.2.1


  • Command Set Parameters
    • opConfig now supports parameterized command sets, eg ping $ipaddress
    • Parameters can be passed in via the command line, eg parameters.x
    • When creating a new Virtual Operator Job and you have selected a command set which has parameters the form will then display next and the second screen will ask you to provide parameters
    • Parameters can also be passed in through derived data
    • parameters currently have two data types, "string" and "ipaddress"
      • ipaddress is just used for front end validation, the cli does no validation
    • parameters_required => "true" can be set and if the parameters from the cli or gui have not been passed in then opConfig will not run the command
    • Parameters get defined by a top level key and are an array of objects with two keys, parameter and type

      Code Block
      "parameters" : [
                  "parameter" : "id",
                  "type" : "String"
                  "type" : "String",
                  "parameter" : "name"

  • Command Set Editor under "System" > "Manage Command Sets"
    • You can delete, update and create new command sets through a visual GUI
    • Only command sets under conf/command_sets.d/ can be modified.
  • Derived Data has new types of table columns to display related jobs or create new virtual operator jobs from. Plugins in opConfig#NewDerivedInformationElementsinopConfig4.2.1
  • Conditions has new types of table columns to display tags, urls and tooltips, More details can be found here Plugins in opConfig#NewReportConditionElementsinopConfig4.2.1
  • New top level key, "active" can be set to "true"/"false" if false the command set wont be loaded
  • New key for commands "active" can be set to "true"/"false" if false the command from that set wont be loaded, other commands set to true will be loaded as part of the set.


  • Fixed issue where opConfig would report duplicate command sets.
  • Fixed Issue where the trouble shooting button would always display.
  • Fixed issue with logging at debug levels not requested in opconfig-cli
  • Fixed issue where opcharts-cli would not honor different debug levels

opConfig 4.2.0

 30 Sept 2020.