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opConfig 4.1.1

RELEASED 30th Jul 2020

  • Remote Nodes: Now is possible to work with remote nodes as they were local nodes. They can be also edited, and the changes will be saved in the remote server. Please refer to the opConfig user manual for further information.  

opConfig 4.1.0

RELEASED 24th Jun 2020

  • JSON Configuration files: The .nmis configuration files will be replaced by .json files
  • New License 2.0 structure used. 
  • Important notice: Due to the JSON configuration files upgrade, when updating to this version, upgrade all OMK Products installed will be required (Not NMIS) to at least X.1. version. It also requires a License update due to the new license structure. 

opConfig 4.0.0

RELEASED   27th May 2020

  • opConfig version compatible with NMIS 9. 
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