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FirstWave believe in making our products available for all people and work to ensure that our products are accessible.  To that end the monitoring products including opCharts, opEvents, opReports, opConfig and opHA have all received an upgrade to Bootstrap 5 which includes comprehensive accessibility features.  We have then worked to apply these features to our products make them as accessible as possible.

With customers all over the world, FirstWave has considered the various standards and are targeting W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which are part of EN 301 549 - Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services,  the Australian variant AS EN 301 549:2020 and the USA Section 508 among others.

FirstWave is in the process of completing the ITI Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

If you have feedback and/or questions about accessibility in our monitoring applications, please email support(at)

The applications and versions which include improved accessibility support are:

  • opAddress 2.3.0
  • opCharts 4.5.0
  • opConfig 4.5.0
  • opEvents 4.3.0
  • opHA 3.6.0
  • opReports 4.5.0
  • Open-AudIT 4.4.0

Support for Dark Mode

Accessibility takes many forms and benefits all users.  Included in our recent product releases is support for Dark Mode which is linked to your Operating Systems settings.

More details here:  Application Support for Dark Mode.

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