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?? 30 August 2023

New release with improvements and bug-fixes.


  • New feature: When the compliance system generates an exception it should generate an event.generates an event.
  • Added option print_command_output=true  for opConfig CLI config command sets.
  • Automatically apply OS detection.  For example, if we know a node is Linux, run some commands to determine if it is Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix deleting an entry in a Command Set would reappear after saving.
  • Fix Command change detection so that opConfig raises an event with title
  • Fix issue when deleting entry in command set re-appears after saving in opConfig.
  • Fix issue when a change is made in a node configuration, NMIS detects it and raise an event with title  "Node Configuration Change Detected".
  • Fix issue when we try to add adding schedule for config set Config Set from Schedule Configuration Changes screen, it does not create a schedulenow creates a schedule.
  • Fix pre and post commands disappearing when a Config Set is saved.
  • Fix Command Output screen where the  'Run Command Now' button didn't work when screen width was reduced.

opConfig 4.5.1

02 January 2023


  • opConfig installer checks and sets opconfig_raise_alert_events and opconfig_raise_change_events. 
  • Added security content header. This is affecting all the products. The content security policy can be overwritten using the configuration item "security_content_policy".
  • Removed cron line with action import_audit. 
  • Added AIX phrasebook.

Bug Fixes

  • Connection errors are not saved as command revisions.
  • Command collection was not run if no nodes were specified. This may prevent some cron tasks to run. Now, If no nodes are specified, the command will run for all nodes. 
  • Considered just local nodes for license check. 
  • Fixed "Can't call method node on an undefined value" error in some command outputs.
  • Now it is possible to install opConfig on an alternative path using -t.
  • Connect options was not working. 


25 May 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in opConfig where a large amount MongoDB connections were created and retained.


  • Command Set Parameters
    • opConfig now supports parameterized command sets. Eg: ping $ipaddress
    • Parameters can be passed in via the command line. Eg parameters.x
    • When creating a new Virtual Operator Job, if you have selected a command set which has parameters, the form will then display "Next" and the second screen will ask you to provide parameters
    • Parameters can also be passed in through derived data
    • Parameters currently have two data types, "string" and "ipaddress"
      • ipaddress is just used for front end validation, the cli does no validation
    • parameters_required => "true" can be set. If the parameters from the cli or gui have not been passed in, opConfig will not run the command
    • Parameters get defined by a top level key and are an array of objects with two keys: parameter and type

      Code Block
      "parameters" : [
                  "parameter" : "id",
                  "type" : "String"
                  "type" : "String",
                  "parameter" : "name"

  • Command Set Editor under "System" > "Manage Command Sets"
    • You can delete, update and create new command sets through a visual GUI
    • Only command sets under conf/command_sets.d/ can be modified.
  • Derived Data has new types of table columns to display related jobs or create new virtual operator jobs from. Plugins in opConfig#NewDerivedInformationElementsinopConfig4.2.1
  • Conditions has new types of table columns to display tags, urls and tooltips, More details can be found here Plugins in opConfig#NewReportConditionElementsinopConfig4.2.1
  • New top level key, "active" can be set to "true"/"false" if false the command set wont be loaded
  • New key for commands "active" can be set to "true"/"false" if false the command from that set wont be loaded, other commands set to true will be loaded as part of the set.


  • Fixed issue where opConfig would report duplicate command sets.
  • Fixed Issue where the trouble shooting button would always display.
  • Fixed issue with logging at debug levels not requested in opconfig-cli
  • Fixed issue where opcharts-cli would not honor different debug levels