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opEvents 4.0.




  • You can now pause and start realtime events by using the controls in the top right of the screen.
  • New config option to change the default sort of recent events, opevents_gui_recent_events_default_sort
  • Removed the toast dialogs for realtime events and the grid now shows the websocket status and if it has connected to redis.
  • improvements in the UX from switching between server mode and real time mode when searching or sorting realtime events
  • Improved the collection handling in removing old events
  • When the realtime connection to redis connects the collection will autofresh to make sure the GUI has the latest section of events before new events are added


  • Fixed issue where the grid total could would not reflect what was in the collection
  • Fixed issue where the realtime collection being put into server mode would not respond to the refresh button in the top right of the gui

opEvents 4.0.1

14th July 2021