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opEvents 3.3.0 (Internal release)

RELEASED 22nd April 2021

Large release which includes real time event updates over web-sockets, this includes a new 3rd party dependency to the product Redis which our installer will handle for you.

Please see opEvents Realtime Events page to learn more about this feature, current caveats and using web-sockets with HTTPS.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Classic Auth group check was giving unexpected results.

opEvents 3.2.4

RELEASED 3rd June 2021


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the installer could not preform migrations from opEvents to 3 on remote mongo instances.
  • OpEvents EventAction.json is throwing error when using event.priority on condition field.

You can skip migrations by using the installer flag OPT_NO_MIGRATIONS=1

opEvents 3.2.3

RELEASED 19th March 2021

New action in opcharts-cli setup-db, this updates oPEvents indexes in MongoDB on install and can be manually run from the cli.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in opEvents where a large amount MongoDB connections were created and retained.

opEvents 3.2.2

RELEASED 13th January 2021

New feature which shows programmable action buttons on events which operators to execute EventsActions scripts from the event context screen.

opEvents 3.2.1

RELEASED 13th November 2020

Upgrade Notes

Installer now handles the events migration when upgrading from NMIS8 compatible applications to NMIS9 compatible applications. To find out more about this upgrade please read: Upgrading Opmantek Applications

opEvents 3.2.0

RELEASED 30th September 2020

Upgrade Notes

The new upcoming release of opEvents 3 will work on Opmantek's latest and fastest platform, however, the currently installed products are incompatible with this upgrade. 
To find out more about this upgrade please read: Upgrading Opmantek Applications

opEvents 3.1.0

RELEASED 14th July 2020

  • Fixed bugs when searching for events, case intensive regex works now.
  • When searching for acknowledged events you can use 1 or 0, ack or acknowledged are substituted for a 1.
  • Use of json files tool for opEvents: The new OMK product version are using json files for configuration. This is a bit special for opEvents files, that uses more complex structures than other products: 
    • Regular expressions: The regex structure is not a valid object on a json file, that is why qr// is replaced by ''. They will be treated as regular expressions inside the code the same. The conversion tool will perform this replacement when the parameter replace_qr=t is sent. 
    • There is an exception with the EventActions file, where the regex is stringified, and will allow more complex structures. 
    • EventRules file also has another exception, as in the copy_* elements, there is the convention of the use of '//' when a regex is found. As the element is inside an array, and there is no possible way to indicate in the key that the element is going to be a regex. The conversion tool will perform this replacement when the parameter replace_copy=t is sent. 
    • Node structure: There is an internal change in the nodes structure due to the NMIS 8 to NMIS 9 compatibility change. At this stage the conversion tool does not cover this structure automatically and these changes should be done manually. 

opEvents 3.1.0B

BETA 8th Jun 2020

  • JSON Configuration files: The .nmis configuration files will be replaced by .json files
  • New License 2.0 structure used. 

opEvents 3.0.0


opEvents 3.0 is the NMIS 9 compatible version. 

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