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opEvents 3.2.0

RELEASED 30th September 2020

Upgrade Notes

The new upcoming release of opEvents 3 will work on Opmantek's latest and fastest platform, however, the currently installed products are incompatible with this upgrade. 
To find out more about this upgrade please read: Upgrading Opmantek Applications

opEvents 3.1.0

RELEASED 14th July 2020

  • Fixed bugs when searching for events, case intensive regex works now.
  • When searching for acknowledged events you can use 1 or 0, ack or acknowledged are substituted for a 1.
  • Use of json files tool for opEvents: The new OMK product version are using json files for configuration. This is a bit special for opEvents files, that uses more complex structures than other products: 
    • Regular expressions: The regex structure is not a valid object on a json file, that is why qr// is replaced by ''. They will be treated as regular expressions inside the code the same. The conversion tool will perform this replacement when the parameter replace_qr=t is sent. 
    • There is an exception with the EventActions file, where the regex is stringified, and will allow more complex structures. 
    • EventRules file also has another exception, as in the copy_* elements, there is the convention of the use of '//' when a regex is found. As the element is inside an array, and there is no possible way to indicate in the key that the element is going to be a regex. The conversion tool will perform this replacement when the parameter replace_copy=t is sent. 
    • Node structure: There is an internal change in the nodes structure due to the NMIS 8 to NMIS 9 compatibility change. At this stage the conversion tool does not cover this structure automatically and these changes should be done manually. 

opEvents 3.1.0B

BETA 8th Jun 2020

  • JSON Configuration files: The .nmis configuration files will be replaced by .json files
  • New License 2.0 structure used. 

opEvents 3.0.0


opEvents 3.0 is the NMIS 9 compatible version. 

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