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Product Compatibility

Refer to product compatibility to determine supported Operating Systems and Database Versions.

opEvents 4.1.0

RELEASED 1 December 2021

  • Updated core dependencies
  • Cookies now support samesite strict, see Security Configurations
  • Fixed issue in with stopping monogdb

opEvents 4.0.4

RELEASED 4th October 2021


  • opevents_auto_create_nodes is now disabled by default and has to be explicitly set to "true" for nodes to be created.
  • opevents_event_copy_node_properties allows node catchall to be copied to the event, this allows event rules for example to be created
    • event.nodeinfo.catchall_data_sysLocation =~ qr{Odin}

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where an event update without real-time enabled would try and push an update over Redis. If Redis was not configured timeout errors would appear in the logs.

opEvents 4.0.3

RELEASED 6th September 2021


  • Event Context has been updated to support realtime updates over web-sockets.

    • Preforming event actions while in realtime mode will not refresh the page to get the new data

    • Nodes Details is rendered below the Event Context and allows full length rendering of host names which would cause overflowing before.

    • The event context panel is now rendered with a JavaScript template both in realtime and non realtime. If you prefer the old template style rendering or you have made chnages to the html template you will have to enable legacy panels

      • opevents_gui_event_context_legacy_panels : "true" , you cannot set this option if you want the GUI to work in realtime mode.

    • When an event is updated we match the changed keys to then produce the web socket event to update the GUI, some users may have custom keys in the event and may be calling updateEvent through plugins r
      • Using opevents_realtime_push_on_key you can add extra event keys to this array to make sure the GUI updates on changes.
  • Multiple outputs of a script can be saved to a an event. When a script output has been saved we have moved from storing this as a top level key eg script_<scriptname> to having an array of scripts script[{},{}]

    • The hash is stored as keyvalue pairs inside an array

      • _id is the id of the queued event action which stated this script operation

      • time is the completion time of the script

      • script is the name of the script

      • cmdoutput is the output of the script

      • exitcode is the code produced when the script terminated

    • If you have been using a script output in the gui, for example opevents_gui_event_context_summary_list we have retained the old method of asking for the script output.

      • If there are multiple script outputs saved from the script being run multiple times the last script will be used for display in the GUI.

      • In opevents_gui_event_context_summary_list using script.ping_node will get the cmdoutput for this script

        • Calling script.traceroute.time will get time of this script

    • If you have been accessing scripts in Event Plugins you will have to modify your code to accept an array from script and loop through the array till you haved matched the script output name you are interested in.

  • opevents_gui_current_events_priorities has had issues with keeping sorted when we changed to json configuration, we have introduced the config options

    • opevents_gui_current_events_priorities_lower & opevents_gui_current_events_priorities_upper which have superseded opevents_gui_current_events_priorities.

  • Event context Recent event and actions taken grids page size can be configred with
    • opevents_gui_event_context_events_pagination
    • opevents_gui_event_context_actions_pagination

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the notes set for a node would not display in the event context.

opEvents 4.0.2

RELEASED 3rd August 2021


  • You can now pause and start realtime events by using the controls in the top right of the screen.
  • New config option to change the default sort of recent events, opevents_gui_recent_events_default_sort
  • Removed the toast dialogs for realtime events and the grid now shows the websocket status and if it has connected to redis.
  • improvements in the UX from switching between server mode and real time mode when searching or sorting realtime events
  • Improved the collection handling in removing old events
  • When the realtime connection to redis connects the collection will autofresh to make sure the GUI has the latest section of events before new events are added

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the grid total could would not reflect what was in the collection
  • Fixed issue where the realtime collection being put into server mode would not respond to the refresh button in the top right of the gui

opEvents 4.0.1

RELEASED 14th July 2021


Big release which publicly releases real-time events, please see opEvents Realtime Events page to learn more about this feature, current caveats and using web-sockets with HTTPS.

  • New nmisx method to create events in NMIS
  • opEvents plugins now allow use of the self object inside the plugin
  • opevents_realtime_events_max_age new config option to only push events to the GUI which are younger than this value.
  • The reconnect option enables auto-reconnection mode. If we cannot connect to the Redis server, or if a network write fails, we enter retry mode. We will try a new connection every every microseconds (1 ms by default), up-to redis_reconnect seconds.
    • New options in opCommon.json for this
      • redis_reconnect
      • redis_reconnect_every

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where realtime updates would not push any data under key nodeinfo.X
  • Fixed issue where the installer could not preform migrations from opEvents to 3 on remote mongo instances.
  • opEvents EventAction.json is throwing error when using event.priority on condition field.
  • Fixed issue when looking at redis db info with the db not connected would cause a page crash

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