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opReports 4.5.1

RELEASED 27 April 2023


  • Added Exception Reporting to Response Time Report.
  • opReports now uses Opmantek grid instead of data tables for Saved Reports and Operational Status webpages.
  • The grid provides better filter functionality, Pagination and a custom filter which allows the user to select the number of entries to be displayed in a grid.
    Fixed a bug in Traffic Snapshot Report where it is not displaying any Business Services to choose from.

opReports 4.5.0

RELEASED 23 November 2022

Big release with an upgraded GUI framework to deliver accessibility enhancements and dark mode.


  • This release includes improved Accessibility options, including support for Dark Mode. We have taken the opportunity while we tidied up the screens to change Opmantek to FirstWave. These are new features that are backward compatible with earlier releases.