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opReports 4.2.1

RELEASED 18 Mar 2021.


This is a maintenance release:

  • Introduces extra debug=9 level logging to assist in researching issues when encountered in opReports.
  • Fixes 95th Percentile calculation in WAN Utilisation Distribution Report and WAN Utilisation Distribution Summary Report:
    Prior to version 4.2.1 the reflected value for 95th Percentile should be multiplied by 8 to get the correct value for 95th Percentile in the above-mentioned reports.
  • In the QoS Report, Standardised Quality of Service supported devices that do not support CBQoS will display interface QoS even though the interface has a setting of 'collect=false'.

opReports 4.2.0

RELEASED  30 Sept 2020.

Upgrade Notes

The new upcoming release of opReports 4 will work on Opmantek's latest and fastest platform, however, the currently installed products are incompatible with this upgrade. 
To find out more about this upgrade please read: Upgrading Opmantek Applications

opReports 4.1.1

RELEASED  29 July 2020.


This version:

  • requires updated licenses, please contact Opmantek Support to organise new licenses

    Contact Opmantek Support should be a link to:

  • makes the following improvements:
    • QoS Report:
      • Model and Vendor details are provided per node in the report.
    • Uptime Report:
      • New option 'Exceptions Report' (Default: true)

        • The Uptime Report now offers this new option which defaults to the original behaviour of only returning nodes according to opCommon configuration settings:
          • where uptime is shorter than uptime_shortest_days (default 7); or
          • where uptime is longer than uptime_longest_days (default 365).
        • When 'Exceptions Report=false', the Uptime Report provides a third column with the remainder of nodes that have an uptime to report,
          in other words, those with uptime from uptime_shortest_days to uptime_longest_days.

        • Please read Generating Reports for generating on-demand reports: this new option is uptime_exceptions on that page.
    • New paragraph Requirements in opReports documentation for each of the following Reports:

opReports 4.1.0

RELEASED   24 June 2020

(warning) This release requires updated licenses, please contact Opmantek Support to organise new licenses

  • opReports version compatible with NMIS 9.
  • JSON Configuration files: The .nmis configuration files will be replaced by .json files
  • New License 2.0 structure used. 
  • ! Important notice: Due to the JSON configuration files upgrade, when updating to this version, upgrade all OMK Products installed will be required (Not NMIS) to at least X.1. version. It also requires a License update due to the new license structure. 
  • Workaround:
    • If Node Report in opReports 4.1.0 does not display graphs, then NMIS9 is most likely missing the entry for 'rrddraw' under 'files' in nmis9/conf/Config.nmis
      • 'files' => {
        'nmis' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'rrddraw' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'network' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'node' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'events' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'logs' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'outage_file' => '<nmis_conf>/outage.dat',
        'nmis_log' => '<nmis_logs>/nmis.log',
        'fping_log' => '<nmis_logs>/fping.log',
        'auth_log' => '<nmis_logs>/auth.log',
        'polling_log' => '<nmis_logs>/polling.log',
        'syslog_log' => '<nmis_logs>/cisco.log',
        'event_log' => '<nmis_logs>/event.log',
        'nmis_favicon' => '<menu_url_base>/img/nmis_favicon.png',
        'nmis_home' => '<menu_url_base>/img/home.png',
        'nmis_help' => '<menu_url_base>/img/question.png',
        'nmis_slave' => '<menu_url_base>/img/slave.png',
        'company_logo' => ''

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