Product Compatibility

Refer to product compatibility to determine supported Operating Systems and Database Versions.

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opReports 4.5.4

RELEASED   30 January 2024


  • Added support for Debian 11 to the installer

opReports 4.5.3

RELEASED  22 November 2023


  • Fixed a bug "No report with this ID exists!" when editing an entry in Report Schedules view.
  • Enhance Node Health Report to use the alternate memory and CPU MIBS for Cisco devices ( plugin version 2.0.3 or higher is required to make reports work).
  • Added a new report  Node Health Disk Metrics Report. This report adds disk metrics related to disk storage. You can access this report under Special Reports.

opReports 4.5.2

RELEASED  27 July 2023


  • In Burst Billing report make the Field Description in the Layout tab visible. If text is entered here, the Description column will be included in the report and will display this text in each row of the report.

opReports 4.5.1

RELEASED  27 April 2023


  • Added Exception Reporting to Response Time Report. When creating the Response Time Report, in the Layout tab, set Show Exceptions Only to true. See Response Time Report
  • opReports now uses Opmantek grid instead of data tables for Saved Reports and Operational Status pages. The grid provides better filter functionality, pagination and a custom filter which allows the user to select the number of rows to be displayed in the grid.
  • Fixed a bug in Traffic Snapshot Report where it was not displaying any Business Services to choose from.

opReports 4.5.0

RELEASED  23 November 2022

Big release with an upgraded GUI framework to deliver accessibility enhancements and dark mode.


  • This release includes improved Accessibility options, including support for Dark Mode. We have taken the opportunity while we tidied up the screens to change Opmantek to FirstWave. These are new features that are backward compatible with earlier releases.

opReports 4.4.1

RELEASED  14 September 2022


This is a maintenance release:

opReports 4.4.0

RELEASED  18 July 2022


This is a maintenance release:

opReports 4.3.1

RELEASED  25 May 2022


  • On-Demand Reports have been deprecated.
    • One-Off Reports are the replacement for On-Demand Reports.
    • One-Off Reports are generated from the Views >> Report Schedules page using the Create one-off Report button.
    • The generated reports previously displayed on the Views >> On-Demand page are now displayed on the Views >> Saved Reports page as category once-off.
    • The generated One-Off Reports are also displayed on the Views >> Saved Reports page as category once-off.
    • The generated Scheduled Reports are also displayed on the Views >> Saved Reports page as category recurring.

opReports 4.3.0-1

RELEASED  1 February 2022


This is a patch release:

opReports 4.3.0

RELEASED  1 December 2021


This is a maintenance release:

opReports 4.2.1

RELEASED 18 Mar 2021


This is a maintenance release:

  • Introduces extra debug=9 level logging to assist in researching issues when encountered in opReports.
  • Fixes 95th Percentile calculation in WAN Utilisation Distribution Report and WAN Utilisation Distribution Summary Report:
    Prior to version 4.2.1 the reflected value for 95th Percentile should be multiplied by 8 to get the correct value for 95th Percentile in the above-mentioned reports.
  • In the QoS Report, Standardised Quality of Service supported devices that do not support CBQoS will display interface QoS even though the interface has a setting of 'collect=false'.

opReports 4.2.0

RELEASED 30 Sept 2020

Upgrade Notes

The new upcoming release of opReports 4 will work on Opmantek's latest and fastest platform, however, the currently installed products are incompatible with this upgrade. 
To find out more about this upgrade please read: Upgrading FirstWave Applications

opReports 4.1.1

RELEASED 29 July 2020


This version:

  • requires updated licenses, please contact Opmantek Support to organise new licenses

    Contact Opmantek Support should be a link to:

  • makes the following improvements:
    • QoS Report:
      • Model and Vendor details are provided per node in the report.
    • Uptime Report:
      • New option 'Exceptions Report' (Default: true)

        • The Uptime Report now offers this new option which defaults to the original behaviour of only returning nodes according to opCommon configuration settings:
          • where uptime is shorter than uptime_shortest_days (default 7); or
          • where uptime is longer than uptime_longest_days (default 365).
        • When 'Exceptions Report=false', the Uptime Report provides a third column with the remainder of nodes that have an uptime to report,
          in other words, those with uptime from uptime_shortest_days to uptime_longest_days.

        • Please read Generating Reports for generating on-demand reports: this new option is uptime_exceptions on that page.
    • New paragraph Requirements in opReports documentation for each of the following Reports:

opReports 4.1.0

RELEASED   24 June 2020

(warning) This release requires updated licenses, please contact Opmantek Support to organise new licenses

  • opReports version compatible with NMIS 9.
  • JSON Configuration files: The .nmis configuration files will be replaced by .json files
  • New License 2.0 structure used. 
  • ! Important notice: Due to the JSON configuration files upgrade, when updating to this version, upgrade of all OMK Products installed will be required (Not NMIS) to at least X.1. version. It also requires a License update due to the new license structure. 
  • Workaround:
    • If Node Report in opReports 4.1.0 does not display graphs, then NMIS9 is most likely missing the entry for 'rrddraw' under 'files' in nmis9/conf/Config.nmis
      • 'files' => {
        'nmis' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'rrddraw' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'network' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'node' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'events' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'logs' => '<cgi_url_base>/',
        'outage_file' => '<nmis_conf>/outage.dat',
        'nmis_log' => '<nmis_logs>/nmis.log',
        'fping_log' => '<nmis_logs>/fping.log',
        'auth_log' => '<nmis_logs>/auth.log',
        'polling_log' => '<nmis_logs>/polling.log',
        'syslog_log' => '<nmis_logs>/cisco.log',
        'event_log' => '<nmis_logs>/event.log',
        'nmis_favicon' => '<menu_url_base>/img/nmis_favicon.png',
        'nmis_home' => '<menu_url_base>/img/home.png',
        'nmis_help' => '<menu_url_base>/img/question.png',
        'nmis_slave' => '<menu_url_base>/img/slave.png',
        'company_logo' => ''

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