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Element Lists enable you to make a custom list of elements that you can use in other features. For example you can create a custom list of interfaces to be used as a selection for the GPON Port Capacity Report.

To access the Element Lists feature, open opCharts, select the Views menu, and select Element Lists.

Custom Fields for Element Lists - Form Schema

You can add custom fields to your element lists which is a very powerful capability.  You can say goodbye to Excel Spreadsheets and CSV files for maintaining important operational data.

opCharts form schema


To create a new Element List, press the "+" icon on the Element Lists page.

On the New Element List page enter the data for

Name - the name for the Element List

Description - the description of the Element List

Concept - the kind of element the Element List can contain


On the Edit Element List page

Name and Concept cannot be updated. You can change the Description.


To view an Element List, click on it's Name in the Element Lists page.

Add Element

To add an Element to an Element List, you use the Inventory feature.

For example to add an Interface element on node midgard with ifDescr of GigabitEthernet1/0/4 to the John Test 2 Element List.

  1. Open the Views > Inventory page.
  2. In the concept dropdown list, select interface.
  3. In the Query, select type dropdown of Node name and enter midgard into the query text, then press the Query button.
  4. In the Query, select type dropdown of ifDescr and enter GigabitEthernet1/0/4 into the query text, then press the Query button.
  5. Press the Add to List button, the Select list will popup, select the John Test 2 list, press the Add to list button.

Return to the Element List by selecting Views > Element Lists, and clicking on the Element List name John Test 2.

Delete Element

To delete an Element from an Element List, check it's check box and then press the Delete button () on the list's page.

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