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opCharts offers modern, dynamic, interactive charting, custom dashboards and a RESTful API to visualize NMIS data and more. 

opCharts increases your network visibility, reduces organizational complexity and accelerates root cause discovery. The elegant and adaptable graphical interface allows organizations to capture all of the key information about their environment in a single pane of glass, using dashboards, maps and charts to combine multiple data sets.

Table of Contents

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Release Notes

Getting Started


opCharts is available as a stand-alone download or part of the Opmantek virtual appliance.

View the product page on


Basic Setup

More opCharts Information

More information about Opmantek and our products and services available on our website.

Key Documentation

Below are detailed guides, webinars, and blogs break down configuring opEvents into manageable tasks and sub-tasks. 

Additional Documentation

Documentación Español opCharts

Documentación de opCharts

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