Dashboard Design Considerations

While you can add as many components as you desire to an individual Dashboard we highly recommend you adhere to the following design recommendations:

  1. Limit the number and overall size of each component so that the user can see the entire Dashboard without needing to scroll either horizontally or vertically
  2. Top-level dashboards should make use of high-level KPI metrics, grouped data and device statistics and allow the user to "drill down" from this 50,000 ft view into more detailed levels of information
  3. The components used on a dashboard should be directly related to the activities and questions the user will have. Avoid including superfluous, or "good to have" information, as this will become distracting and reduce the overall usability of the dashboard
  4. While you can stack multiple data points in an individual opCharts Chart, it is often best to limit the overall number of data points, type of data, and data ranges. This will improve the overall readability of the chart, as well as make the intention of the data more readily apparent to the operator.
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