All requests lists below are JSON requests.  HTML requests will work for these URL's but may return different data.  To guarantee a json request append .json to the end of the url (but not the query string).  All replies will be in the form of a JSON document.

200Successful request. Body will Contain JSON object
401Authentication required


Authentication is required to access all methods listed below.

POST login (authenticate)

POST /omk/opCharts/login

Authenticate to opCharts. 


usernameThe username to authenticate with
passwordThe password for the user

Successful Response

A cookie is created and sent with the response.  This must be saved and passed with all requests below.  

opCore Integration API (Node config/info/status)

opCore API provides access to all nodes -- their configuration, info and status.  Data for all nodes can be requested at one time, a subset of nodes or a specific node.

For opCharts Version 3.x - opCore API V1

For opCharts Version 4.x - opCore API V2

opCharts TopN API (opCharts version 2.2.2+)

TopN data is created after every NMIS collect cycle and represents the top users of each resource type.  By default there are 6 topn documents created: cpuLoad, 

opCharts Node Resource API (Performance Data)

Access resources available for each node, like interface data, health data, CBQoS data (and more).  The data available will vary per node, this API allows you to determine what each node offers and also how to access the performance data associated with that resource.