Scheduled outages

NOTE: opCharts 3.2.4 now requires NMIS 8.6.2G

Join Paul McClendon, an Opmantek Support Engineer, as he demonstrates how to quickly create outages in opCharts.

Now you can create outages from opCharts. To do this navigate to opCharts then from the menu select Views -> Scheduled Outages.

From here you can create a new outage or view your current scheduled outages.

After clicking on the New Outage icon the screen below is displayed. Enter in the relevant information and click save. This new outage will now be displayed under your current scheduled outages.

Below are the fields and functions of the outage creation UI.

DescriptionAdd a description of the outage
Change IDID that goes along with the outage

How often the outage occurs (Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

StartWhen the outage starts
EndWhen the outage ends
Selector TypeThe type of device the outage is for (Node)
PropertyAny property made from the selector table can be accessed
ValuesMulti select, search or paste comma separated property values