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The TopN view is a custom dashboard view built from six opCharts charts. It can be accessed by selecting Views -> TopN from the opCharts menu bar. For more information on these see: opCharts Chart.


The TopN View includes the following six Components:

  • TopN CPU Load
  • TopN Memory Load
  • TopN In Util
  • TopN Out Util
  • TopN Error Rates
  • TopN Out Discard Rates

TopN Error Rates and TopN Discard Rates Blank

It is 99% likely that these are not missing but that there are no values for these types of things.  In network devices it is normal to see output discards and input errors, it is VERY uncommon to see input discards and output errors.  Back with older networking technologies like Frame Relay, X25, etc we used to see this happen and very rarely now we see it with bad transceivers and cables causing these values.