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opCharts HTML widgets is a way to define templates which opCharts can render and present to the user.

You will need system administration privileges so you can create the required files in the /usr/local/omk directory.

Inside /usr/local/omk/templates/public/ create a new template file and have its prefix .html.ep example: acme_list.html.ep

You can define any arbitrary HTML as you see fit, mojolicious templates are also supported, see more on rendering mojolicious templates at

After any change you will need to restart the omkd daemon

Now you have what content can be rendered you need a opCharts component to tell the dashboard it can render this new file.

inside /usr/local/omk/lib/json/opCharts/components.d/ create a new json file we will use acme_component.json

  "name": "Acme Component",
  "ep_template_file": "public/acme_list",
  "options": {
    "titleText": "My Title"
  "type": "ep_template"

Name is what the component is called in the dashboards dropdown list

ep_template_file is the loccation of the template file.

titleText is the component display name

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