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  • Export / Import Dashboards, Maps and Charts from opCharts for a New Server
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OpCharts Export and Import

The purpose of this article is how to export and import dashboards, maps, and charts from an old server that had opCharts and migrate to a new server.

To check your dashboards, charts, or maps use these commands:

Tips: Use an SSH application of your preference. 

/usr/local/omk/bin/ act=list-dashboards

/usr/local/omk/bin/ act=list-charts

/usr/local/omk/bin/ act=list-maps


cd  /usr/local/omk/bin/

./ act=list-dashboards

./ act=list-charts

./ act=list-maps

To check ./ options


Export the dashboards, maps, and charts to a file (Export All files)

/usr/local/omk/bin/ act=export-maps  file=/tmp/mpas.json

/usr/local/omk/bin/ act=export-dashboards  file=/tmp/dashboards.json

/usr/local/omk/bin/ act=export-charts  file=/tmp/charts.json

Use an FTP application of your preference to copy the files

Instead of using an FTP application, you can use the SCP Linux command on SSH with the IP address of your destination:

 scp dashboards.json omkadmin@

 scp charts.json omkadmin@

 scp mpas.json omkadmin@

Import the dashboards, maps, and charts from a file

/usr/local/omk/bin/ act=import-maps  file=/tmp/mpas.json

/usr/local/omk/bin/ act=import-dashboards  file=/tmp/dashboards.json

/usr/local/omk/bin/ act=import-charts  file=/tmp/charts.json

After you import the dashboards/charts/maps it will show your dashboard/charts/maps list. 

OPTIONAL: Export the specific dashboard, maps, and charts name (Export Single file) 

In this example, the dashboard name is Road to Madness.

 /usr/local/omk/bin/ act=export-dashboards name="Road to Madness"  file=/tmp/road_to_madness_dashboard.json

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