Configuration options which Managed Service Providers (MSPs) will find useful for configuring opCharts.

ActionConfig OptionDefaultDescriptionVersion From
Disable the node context menu in a mapopcharts_gui_node_auto_topology_context_menutrueSet to false to disable the context menu when right clicking on a node within a map
Disable the custom link button for a node


trueSet to false to disable the custom context link shown for a node
Disable the "SSH" Button for a node


trueset to false to disable the ssh to node button
Disable the "View in NMIS Button"


trueset to false to not display the button
Disable the Modules List in the opCharts GUI


trueset to false to not display the menu
Display different application title


nullSet to a string you like, e.g. "Opmantek Network Performance"
Disable the Help Menuopcharts_display_all_help1set to 0 (zero) to not display the help
Disable "Node Performance Graphs" buttonopcharts_gui_node_performance_buttontrueset to false to hide
Display topology nodes which user does not have permission foropcharts_show_not_allowed_top_nodes0 (false)set to 1 (one) to show the nodes a customer is not allowed to see in the topology, this is useful in Enterprise situations but not for MSP customers.
Allows each user to have a custom logo set via user preferences.opcharts_gui_display_custom_logofalse

Set to true for the gui to render the custom logo the user has set in their preferences.

Display the Node Tools Button when viewing a nodeopcharts_show_node_tools0 (false)Set to 1 (true) to display the admin node tools for ping, traceroute, etc of a node.