Business Services display interface status panels and node status panels in a single page.  This allows grouping related interfaces/nodes together to have a single location that a user can see these related items.

Business services are supported under the MSP authorization system, so a user/role can be created to view one or more Business Services if required.

All Interfaces/Nodes added to the Business Service will be visible to any user with access to view that Business Service.  The ability to view the service implies they are allowed to see all things inside.  It does not imply they are allowed to view those Interfaces/Nodes on their own or in their entirety, they will only have access to this specific view.  

Interfaces status panels allow MSP authorized users to click and view Interface usage over time graphs.

Some examples:


Join Paul McClendon, an Opmantek Support Engineer, as he demonstrates how to easily set up business service monitoring using opCharts.

To create a new Business Service go to "Views->Business Services" in the GUI menu, then click the "+" button.  To edit, select the checkbox for the Business Service you would like to edit, then press the edit button (next to "+").

Add an Interface

To add a new interface, press the "+" icon in the Interfaces section as shown in the screen shot above.  Enter or select the node name, select the interface index/name and press "Add".

An interface panel for the selected interface should now be displayed. You can customize this however you see fit.


Add a Node

Adding a Node is similar, press the "+" icon in the Nodes section.  Enter the node name and press the "Add" button, a node panel for the selected node should now be displayed.

Remove an Interface or Node

To remove either, press the "x" icon near the top right of the panel and it will be removed from the document.  Save the document to accept your changes.


To view a Business Service simply click on the name when viewing the list of Business Services and it will be loaded.  As stated above, everything will be visible to any user with access to view that Business Service.