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Once you have downloaded all the applications you need, if you have not already, please review the section below above "Considerations and Guidelines for Upgrading Opmantek Applications" and consider what you need to do.

NMIS 88.7.1G or earlier version
opCharts 33.4.0 or earlier version
opConfig 3 3.4.0 or earlier version
opEvents 22.5.0 or earlier version
opHA 22.1.6 or earlier version
opReports 3 3.3.0 or earlier version
opFlow 3

3.0.16 or earlier version

opFlowSP 11.0.10 or earlier version


You are currently running NMIS 9 and the related Opmantek applications and you want to upgrade from the versions below to the newer versions.


When you install the newer version of the first commercial application, e.g. opConfig, it will move aside all the existing commercial applications and you will also need to install those.  You can download the applications from the website.

Once you have downloaded all the applications you need, if you have not already, please review the section above "Considerations and Guidelines for Upgrading".

B.1 Upgrading from Older NMIS 9 Compatible applications

opCharts 44.1.3 or earlier version
opConfig 4 4.1.1 or earlier version
opEvents 33.1.0 or earlier version
opHA 33.1.2 or earlier version
opReports 4 4.1.1 or earlier version

B.2 Upgrading from Current NMIS 9 Compatible applications

If you are running the versions below or greater then the upgrade is very straight forward, download the product you need and upgrade the individual product, just like you would an installation, see "Starting the Upgrade/Installation".

opCharts 44.2 or later version
opConfig 4 4.2 or later version
opEvents 33.2 or later version
opHA 33.2 or later version
opReports 4 4.2 or later version

Starting the Upgrade/Installation

When you are ready proceed with the upgrade as you normally would an installation.

SECTION C: Upgrading from NMIS8 compatible applications to NMIS9 compatible applications

SECTION D: Migration documentation under development