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titleopTrend Beta Program

opTrend is currently in Beta. Please contact us at to join the beta program and gain early access to this module.

Table of Contents

What is opTrend?

Opmantek's opTrend module is designed to proactively manage network resources and visually analyze key performance metrics. With opTrend you can monitor gradual increases in traffic and data usage to identify where issues and resource exhaustion are likely to occur and when. opTrend’s intelligent trending engine can automatically baseline key performance metrics and highlight resources with exceptions. It can also identify and highlight key resources that are performing at a high level.

Getting Started - opTrend Installation and Configuration

opTrend Process Walk-Through

These high-level guides will help you break down configuring opTrend into manageable tasks and sub-tasks. These Walk-Throughs are designed to be followed after you have installed opTrend and confirmed it is operating.

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