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Versions 2.2 (and newer) of opConfig provide more detailed collection and display of operational status, and now also let you control whether and when old data should be expired. This document describes how to configure these features.


Protected revisions are not considered or counted and left untouched. The age of a revision is based on its "last updated" timestamp.

When a revision is removed, it also remove the associated job, if no other revision are linked to that job, since opConfig 3.5.1.

Inheritance, Setting up defaults


This cron entry would run a daily purge at 03:40.


The jobs are purged every time a revision is purged, if there are no other active revisions linked to the job. This was modified since version 3.5.1.

But there is another cli tool, to remove jobs with no revisions associated. This jobs are purged based on the configuration option: 


Set to 8 days by default => 86400 * 8. The purging operation is not automatic and needs to be triggered with, ideally from a cron job:

Code Block
# /etc/cron.d/opconfig for example
40 3 * * *     root /usr/local/omk/bin/opconfig-cli-pl act=purge_queue