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Netflow Daemon Listening UDP Port

Currently the default port for opFlow listening for Netflow data is UDP 12345.  This can be changed in the /usr/local/etc/flowd.conf file if required.

Sample Cisco Netflow Configuration

The following is a basic Cisco Router configuration for telling the router to send Netflow data to the opFlow.

! this command is optional, this will flow data about in-progress flows, very handy for large file transfers.
ip flow-cache timeout active 1
! version can be 5 or 9 with 9 add IPV4 template
ip flow-export version 5 
ip flow-export destination <opflow_server> 12345
interface FastEthernet0/0
 !only if you want output traffic
 ip flow ingress
 !only if you want input traffic
 ip flow egress



Sample Juniper J-Flow Configuration for SRX

J-FLow version 5 example (IPV4 only)

To keep things simple if you are only looking at IPV4 traffic then use Version 5 J-Flow example below.  As shown

interfaces {                            
    ge-0/0/0 {                          
        unit 0 {                        
            family inet {               
                sampling {              
forwarding-options {                    
    sampling {                          
        input {                         
            rate 100;     
####   This means 1 in every 100 packets is sampled  DO NOT reduce this to 1 unless the router is very lightly loaded.                 
        family inet {                   
            output {                    
                flow-server {
                    port 12345;         
                    version 5; 
###  Version 5 is simplest but only supports IPV4      



J-FLow version 9

J-FLow version 9 supports other protocols such as IPV6 and MPLS .  To get good results we recommend you still only use a template for IPV4 with Version 9.  There are some subtle differences with the SRX models for the config so please refer to J-Flow SRX version 9 Config Examples



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