I'm talking about flags added at the end of each URL like these:






Can I specify more options like no headers?

I'm trying to make better use of screen real estate by removing headers for our dashboard.




For anyone interested, this tab slideshow addon for Firefox makes fantastic use of NMIS by rotating tabs you have open, so you are not confined to a single dashboard:


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      The ultimate source of information about those CGI options (flags) is the source code, in summary

      act => what the CGI script should ultimately do, network_node_view is the "command" to view a node.

      refresh => how often to refresh the page or widget

      widget => true|false, display as a widget for when in the NMIS dashboard or as a standalone web page.

      node => the name of the node to display.

      There are many many options, but none really which remove headers.  When you are looking at the main NMIS CGI you can click the little popout button, which will make the widget expand into a full page.

      We have a few customers who use that plugin or something similar for scrolling information.

      You might like to checkout opCharts, which includes the ability to create custom maps, charts, business services, dashboards and much more, it fully integrates with NMIS.





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