I can see that I can choose not to collect SNMP and not ping.


What if I just want to know if a webserver that our staff uses falls over, but is configured not to respond to pings?

Do I just configure the node as such?:


Collect: NO

Ping: NO

Services: http selected

Active: Does "NO" mean I won't receive any alerts, even from failed services?


Would this potentially make the web servers block my access after deeming me a spammer?

I see the http service keeping reporting as DOWN - when I can still access in a browser...

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      collect false: means no snmp or wmi collection will be attempted.

      ping false: no pinging.

      active false: totally disables the node.

      so, to test a system with some kind of service test only, you'd set collect to false, ping to false but add a service (non-snmp based) to test. active needs to remain true.

      we're using precisely this kind of setup ourselves to verify external services outside of our (full) control, e.g. external dns providers.


      regarding false down for http: depends on the type of service your 'http' test is; the most robust and generic one uses our webtest script (install/scripts/webtest), if you're using the SAPI script one you'll have to ensure your webserver responds with a 200 at "/". if you're after a port-is-open test, you need nmap installed and setup a type port test.

      more details can be found on the Managing Servers and Services with NMIS8 and Service Monitoring Examples pages.

      1. Harry Milanes

        Thanks Alex, I will have a play with these settings -Harry

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