I've been turning my alerts so that alerts really only get sent now when things really need looking into, so I don't need Normal category emails (UP status, Normal status)


I could just block them but it's a waste of resources to be sending those emails at all.


Here is my Contacts.nmis (public forum so removed actual address):

%hash = (
  'contact1' => {
    'Contact' => 'Contact1',
    'DutyTime' => '06:20:MonTueWedThuFri',
    'Email' => 'CONTACT',
    'Level' => '(Fatal|Critical|Major|(!?Normal))',
    'Location' => '',
    'Mobile' => '',
    'Pager' => '',
    'Phone' => '',
    'TimeZone' => '0'

For the level field I also tried just:



But they still come in...


Any suggestions & thanks!

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      In this case the UpNotify attribute in the Escalation policy should be set to false.  From the NMIS top menu bar navigate to System -> System Configuration -> Escalation Policy.  Click the blue 'edit' text to the right of the policy in question.  The bottom field is the UpNotify attribute.  Set this to false then click the 'edit' button on the bottom on the box.  After this it should no longer send 'Up' emails for that particular policy.


      Best regards,


      Chris Gatlin

      1. Harry Milanes

        Haha - it was right in front of me, thanks Chris.

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