I edited Nodes.nmis so that all nodes of a certain type have the 'collect' value set to false.


This change is seen in the webui, but I still see alerts for SNMP discovered devices and I'm not convinced nmis is actually updating the nodes.


The only way I can get the node to show correctly is to "edit node" then "edit and update node"


The following commands do not work (or throw any errors):


node_admin.pl act=update node=NODE info=1 debug=9

nmis.pl type=update maxthreads=8 force=true


How do I replicate the webui behaviour on the command line, for all nodes?

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      Hi Harry,

      Any time you make a critical change to a node an NMIS update has to be ran well. NMIS updates are usually performed once a day but collects every 5 mins by default. Even though changes have been made to a node the event may still be there until you manually clear it yourself.

      To update the node you would do the act=export command before act=update: ./admin/node_admin.pl act=export node=yournodename

      ./admin/node_admin.pl act=update node=yournodename

      More information  as well as examples of this can be found on our WIKI here: Node Administration Tools#NodeUpdating


      Paul M.

      1. Harry Milanes

        Hi Paul, Thanks for that info, I had already read that page but it doesn't really answer the question: What I've noticed is that editing the change to the node via the config file vs editing in the webgui will net different results. If I edit in the webui, it'll clear the alerts itself, and reformats the above screenshotted window in keeping with a pingonly node...can't I replicate this behaviour on CLI? This is important because if I need to bulk edit nodes in future, they won't be displayed properly without lots of clicking in the webui.

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