I am Takahiro Suzuki.
May I ask you something ?
Is that possible to change the option command of nmap?
Is that possible to show the version of the port to an execution result of nmap?
Is that possible to analyse that OS version  from an opened port?
Is it possible to check  the OS release and patch level?
 (for example WindowsOS,LinuxOS etc..)
Is it possible to check  that version of middleware and software?
and Is it possible to install the patch?
Best regards.
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    2 answers


      1 - You can customize it in the discovery_subnet scripts (in /open-audit/other).

      2 - Possibly, but Open-AudIT doesn't do that, so no.

      3 - Possibly, but Open-AudIT doesn't do that, so no.

      4 - Possibly, but Open-AudIT doesn't do that, so no.

      5 - Possibly, but Open-AudIT doesn't do that, so no.

      All the "no" answers can be achieved by having working credentials and running the audit scripts. You will end up with more accurate information, as well. Open-AudIT is not a hacking tool. You should have the appropriate credentials and permissions to audit the devices on your network. Add credentials and work through the list of "unknown" devices until you have them all auditing as expected.

      If you do have credentials and the audit scripts (or the discovery, when SNMP based) isn't retrieving something you would like it to, please do ask. We're generally happy enough to add new items to be retrieved.

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        Hi Mark


        I have additional question.

        Can I achivement with I used opmantec other tool

        Installation of patch of OS
        Patch update scan of insufficient patch
        Is the change in the file possible variously?

        Or to achieve it at other Toul in opmantek?
        Is it possible?

        ? Several following Uniform Resource Locator seem to have that.

        1. Mark Henry

          Hello Takahiro, Thank you very much for your interest in Opmantek's solutions. We do not currently offer a software update and patching solution. However, there are many available online, both open-source and commercial. Best, Mark Henry

        2. Takahiro SUZUKI

          Hello, Mark Thank you for your prompt reply. I understand, It can be realized by a combination of open source and paid. For example, OS patch (Windows OS, Linux etc), software patch. Is my understanding correct? In that case, Which application should I select? , If I buy a solution, support (OS patch, software patch). Is it API release? How much will it cost?

        3. Takahiro SUZUKI

          Hello?Mark. I will ask you a question again for confirmation. I understand myself that your response content is as follows, was it right? "In your company's solution, There is no solution for patch application, It is possible if it is a commercial solution of another company Also, Your answer was as follows? "Your company can combine commercial solutions and open source in combination"

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