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The reason for this is about the "/ var" directory of NMIS. Which I've seen that I have little space left on the server. I do this query because I'm not very skilled in the linux administration part and I wanted to know if I can delete the next file.


When reviewing the files of said directory, I observed that "spool" is the directory with the largest amount of space used. when reviewing this meeting that "mail" has used 11 GB and within this other is the "root" file. So I would like to know if I can delete the file "/var/spool/mail/root". Since this is using 11 GB of the 16.58 GB that I currently have.


[root@nmisslvcc1 var]# du -sch *
224M    cache
4.0K    cvs
40K     db
8.0K    empty
4.0K    games
189M    lib
4.0K    local
16K     lock
4.3G    log
16K     lost+found
0       mail
4.0K    nis
4.0K    opt
4.0K    preserve
8.0K    rrdtool
168K    run
12G     spool
4.0K    tmp
13M     www
4.0K    yp
17G     total
[root@nmisslvcc1 var]# cd spool
[root@nmisslvcc1 spool]# du -sch *
16K     anacron
460K    clientmqueue
8.0K    cron
4.0K    lpd
11G     mail
919M    mqueue
8.0K    plymouth
12G     total
[root@nmisslvcc1 spool]# cd mail
[root@nmisslvcc1 mail]# du -sch *
0       admin
0       dataprotector
0       e****
0       E*****
0       e*******
0       j****
11G     root
11G     total

As I indicated in the top part I make this query because I am not very proficient in the management part of server linux and I would like to know before deleting that file. That does not affect the operation of the server.



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      Please open a support ticket, I will take it.


      1. Juan Maxia

        thanks Ivan, notice that we tried to perform a "> root" in the directory described above and with that clean the file.

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