I have been running through the set up instructions here LDAPS Set Up , can someone please let me know the type of Certificate that should be used.  Also I have set up a certificate as per the instructions but it cant be deleted could someone also advise.

When I follow all the instructions NMIS stops working and I can only assume it is because I have the wrong Certificate.  If there are updated instructions could you please let me know, at the moment we do not see the LDAPS option in the NMIS GUI.

NMIS 8.6.7G

CentOS Linux 7 (Core)

Kernel: Linux 3.10.0-1062.1.1.el7.x86_64

  1. Andrew Webster

    I have deleted the cert but the other questions still stand.

  2. Andrew Webster

    I have done further work and the documentation says to change the lines below in the auth.pm but this file doesn't have the variable $C the closest line to line 716 is the ldap ready only and that has $self as the variable and when I set this as per the details below NMIS stops completely with the error "You don't have permission".

    --------------------------------------Excerpt from NMIS document----------------------------------------

    # /usr/local/nmis8/lib/Auth.pm (line 716 approx)
    # change
    $ldap = new Net::LDAPS($C->{'auth_ms_ldaps_server'});
    # to
    $ldap = new Net::LDAP($C->{'auth_ms_ldaps_server'}, version => 3);
    my $mesg = $ldap->start_tls( capath => $C->{'auth_openldap_certs'} );

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1 answer

    Hi good day,
    Have you reviewed the following information?

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