G'day guys,

As always thanks for continuing to develop this fantastic platform!

Spun up a new debian 10 install of nmis9 (9.2.2 installer was required for nmis' apache files to be properly created, 9.2.1 didn't work)

I can't see the Add/Edit Group submenu in NMIS9 - did I miss something in the change from NMIS8 to 9?

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      Hey Harry

      Thanks for the feedback!

      With NMIS9 groups dont need to be defined in the config anymore as they are dynamic.

      1. Harry Milanes

        OK thanks James, so how would one dynamically create a group for a set of WiFi APs for example?

      2. James Greenwood

        When editing a node through the GUI you are given a select box of all unique group names from your nodes collection, under this box you can define a new group name for your node.

        If using the node admin CLI tool you can pass any group name you wish.

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