We have been running NMIS 4 for years, but I think it's time to upgrade. Is there an easy way to do this or is it a painful multi-step thing?



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      Upgrading from NMIS4 to NMIS8 should be straight forward, the following are the high level steps:

      • backup your existing server, including backing up the RRD files
      • install NMIS8 onto that server
      • copy the NMIS4 config files into the NMIS8 config folder
      • stop NMIS4 from polling (comment out the collect in the crontab)
      • configure NMIS8 for NMIS4 compatibility (new in NMIS 8.5.6G), setting system/nmis4_compatibility in Config.nmis to true
      • If you have enough disk space copy the NMIS4 RRD database to the NMIS8 folder, if not use the configuration to have NMIS8 point to the NMIS4 RRD database
      • run a collect on a single node, and you should see NMIS8 go into auto conversion mode which will convert existing NMIS4 configuration files to NMIS8, and update some RRD files.

      Ideally you should perform a test upgrade on a separate server, but if you have a backup you can roll back your upgrade if you need to.

      There are a few other considerations around platforms, e.g. 64bit Linux is recommended for NMIS8, it is likely that you are currently running an older version of 32bit Linux.  It is possible to install a brand new NMIS8 server and copy the NMIS4 data and convert it ready for NMIS8, there are a few extra steps than the above.  

      Opmantek has support services which can assist you to migrate should you need assistance.





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