I have a trial of opSLA and have set it up but I am now trying to set up a probe and responder for the first time, I have an SNMP community RW string set up on two test devices. when I try to set up the probe and the responder I get the Message "Error snmpset attributes for probe jitter" and the status "error delete", I have set debug for snmp-server and the server does seem to connect.

There doesn't seem to be any check list to check you have the router config set up correctly, I was advised that giving snmp RW access would allow NMIS to create the probe and responder.

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      Hello Andrew,

      Configuring opSLA should be straight forward, however not all Cisco routers support the IP SLA standard or respond the way they should. I suggest you double check your installation and configuration of opSLA first: Home

      If this looks good, then please post back the manufacturer, model and OS (with version) of the router you're trying to create a probe on and we'll see what we can see.


      Mark H


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        A useful resource for checking IOS versions compatible with this MIB is here:


        And if you would like to test the SNMP SET function then one can use the folliwing commands on the server

        #set these variables to suit your environment

        # your Read Write community string

        # the IP of the router for the SLA poller
        # The IP that the poller will test to in HEX
        # A random number for table entry

        #The SNMP Set request as a single command across multiple lines

        snmpset -m ALL -M /usr/local/nmis8/mibs/traps -v 2c -c $community $host \
         rttMonCtrlAdminStatus.$entry i 4 \
         rttMonCtrlAdminRttType.$entry i 1 \
         rttMonEchoAdminProtocol.$entry i 2 \
         rttMonEchoAdminTargetAddress.$entry x $node \
         rttMonCtrlAdminFrequency.$entry i 30 \
         rttMonCtrlAdminTimeout.$entry i 2000 \
         rttMonEchoAdminTOS.$entry i 64 \
         rttMonCtrlAdminVerifyData.$entry i 2 \
         rttMonHistoryAdminNumBuckets.$entry i 30 \
         rttMonHistoryAdminNumLives.$entry i 1 \
         rttMonHistoryAdminFilter.$entry i 2 \
         rttMonScheduleAdminRttStartTime.$entry t 1 \
         rttMonScheduleAdminRttLife.$entry i 2147483647



        You will see if there are any errors trying to set those variables.


        You might also wish to run a debug of SNMP on the target router to see what is happening there

        "debug snmp packet"

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