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    Open-AudIT can export to NMIS.

    Make sure you have the config item 'nmis' set to y in Open-AudIT(menu -> Admin -> Config).

    Then go to the Group that contains the devices you wish to export to NMIS (on the main page, click the Group name).

    In the menu click NMIS -> Export.

    Select each device you wish to export (or click the checkbox in the right side of the table header to select all) and then click the Export button in the table header (right side).

    If NMIS is installed on the same server your devices should be exported from Open-AudIT and should appear in NMIS. It may take a few minutes for the devices to be polled (NMIS has a 5 minute poll cycle).

    If you don't have NMIS installed on the same machine as Open-AudIT, when you click Export you will be given a text file to download and copy to your NMIS server. You should merge this with the existing file at /usr/local/nmis8/conf/Nodes.nmis. If you simply want to replace the current nodes file (maybe you don't have any managed nodes yet) you can run:

    /usr/local/nmis8/admin/import_nodes.pl csv=<YOUR_FILENAME> nodes=/usr/local/nmis8/conf/Nodes.nmis overwrite=true
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