Opmantek applications are flexible and adaptable and work well for any organization. All of the applications will work out of the box and can be easily customised to meet customers specific needs. First add devices (and necessary credentials) so data can be collected. Then use your Opmantek applications to access the information you need to gain visibility of your IT environment. This guide will help you to get the most from your Opmantek Applications.

Network Management

NMIS (Network Management Information System) monitors the status and performance of an organization's IT environment, assists in identification and rectification of faults and provides valuable information for IT departments to plan expenditure and IT changes. Additional modules and support provided by Opmantek are available to extend the capabilities of NMIS.

High Availability and Scaling

opHA allows you the flexibility to have high availability through distributed network management servers to match your network Infrastructure. opHA can run with a single primary server or multiple primary servers, across multiple data centers, with redundant polling, in a single tenant, multi-tenant or hybrid environment. All collected data is accessible on the primary server giving users a single place to access all information. opHA can run with physical or virtual servers.

opHA allows single or multi-primary server capability that allows pollers to report to one/many primaries for multi-data center deployment.

Dashboarding and Service Monitoring

opCharts offers modern and dynamic interactive charting, custom dashboards and a RESTful API to visualize NMIS data and more. opCharts increases your network visibility, reduces organizational complexity and accelerates root cause discovery. The elegant and adaptable graphical interface allows organizations to capture all of the key information about their environment in a single pane of glass using dashboards, maps and charts to combine multiple data sets. opCharts provides a configurable and professional user interface built on top of the industry leading network monitoring software NMIS. Configure role based access for internal and external users so they can "see for themselves" the performance of the network. Create custom dashboards to suit the role and level of technical proficiency of the user.

Event Management

Bring all your troubleshooting and event information into one handler. opEvents provides enrichment, correlation and a single pane of glass to help event handling, while simultaneously lowering the amount of notifications. opEvents automates event handling through extendable policies that enrich, correlate, organize and manage all the events in your environmentopEvents allows you to automate the diagnostics of your events and leverages intelligent automation to remediate your events.

Automated Configuration Management

opConfig improves visibility and maintains consistency and compliance across your network environment. You can use opConfig to capture, track, push and rollback configuration changes for any network connected device or cloud application. opConfig introduces operational delegation to your organization and allows the troubleshooting of your network devices without giving 'root' access. It gives you the ability to create robust command sets that can aid in root cause analysis.

IP Address Management

IP address space auditing, tracking, allocating and managing requires a simple, accurate and extensible system to be effective.  opAddress acts as a lightweight IPAM solution, providing periodic scanning of subnets to determine use of address space and allow quick and easy editing and reallocation. opAddress helps organizations to eliminate IP address conflict by regaining control of IP address usage. It periodically scans subnets to determine use of IP address space and allows quick and easy editing and reallocation of addresses, providing greater efficiency in system administration. opAddress gives you complete visibility to track your IP address space, identify all of your domains and subnets and enable you to allocate your address space intelligently.

Advanced Analysis and Reporting

opReports will help you automate the creation and distribution of detailed operational and executive-level reports. Reports clearly identify conditions which will require action, along with details required by engineers for further investigation. opReports contains a suite of preconfigured reports designed to delve into the enormous amounts of data that NMIS collects about your network to deliver insight into service levels and measure the performance of your environment against short and long-term trends. Historical comparison is available for all reports that have been generated. View trends easily on all recorded metrics and identify conditions and potential business impact. Create easy to interpret “traffic lights” for IT managers and administrators.

Discovery and Audit

Open-AudIT is your simple to use discovery tool. Perfect for networks small or large. Discover "What's On Your Network?", with a wizard to guide you through adding credentials and a discovery run. Once you have discovered your devices (ie, you know "something" is there), you need to audit it. Auditing a device will retrieve a great deal of information about the device. It's manufacturer, model, serial, hardware, software, settings and more are all retrieved. Auditing is generally part of the discovery process. If you have working credentials for a network device (using SNMP) details will be retrieved such as model, serial, manufacturer, etc. If you have credentials for a computer (running Windows. Linux, MacOS, AIX, Solaris), an "audit script" will be copied to the device, run on that device and the result copied back to the Open-AudIT server. Our scripts require no additional components to be installed on the target devices. Open-AudIT provides an easy to read dashboard that will allow you to manage, analyze and visualize your network and it's devices.

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