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Why an event is not being created? 

If you expect that an event would be generated but it is not, please check the following: 

  • The file log where the event is that is being processed. You can check in the log/opEvents.log:
[Mon Apr  6 19:38:03 2020] [info] tail[19520] starting up, tailing /usr/local/nmis9/logs/cisco.log, parser cisco_compatible
[Mon Apr  6 19:38:03 2020] [info] tail[19526] starting up, tailing /usr/local/nmis9/logs/poller_event.log, parser nmis_slavelog
[Mon Apr  6 19:38:03 2020] [info] tail[19526] processing /usr/local/nmis9/logs/poller_event.log, parser=nmis_slavelog
[Mon Apr  6 19:38:03 2020] [info] tail[19519] starting up, tailing /usr/local/nmis9/logs/event.log, parser nmis_eventlog
[Mon Apr  6 19:38:03 2020] [info] tail[19522] starting up, tailing /usr/local/nmis9/logs/tivoli.log, parser tivoli_log
[Mon Apr  6 19:38:03 2020] [info] tail[19523] starting up, tailing /usr/local/nmis9/logs/winlogd.log, parser winlogd

If the input source is not included, here you can check how to add one. 

  • The node for the event is active (Can be checked in System > Edit Nodes):

  • The event is not older than the specified value opevents_max_event_age (Configuration item, in Config.nmis file).