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  • How To Install or Upgrade Open-AudIT (Windows)

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Go to and download the latest version. Supply your name, email and company and download the binary. Windows users can install by right-clicking Right click the .exe and selecting “Run as Administrator”. Linux users can run “sudo ./”.

Log on to Open-AudIT and you should see a splash screen informing you that you do not have a license – but Opmantek will give you a 20 device license for free. Just fill out the form and your 20 device Professional license will be activated.


Just run the installer as per above and when you log on to the web interface, you will be directed to the database schema upgrade screen.

Run this and your schema will be upgraded and you can then continue to use Open-AudIT as normal.

Don't forget we have have release notes available  available for every version so you'll know exactly what has changed.