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What is Open-AudIT?

Open-AudIT is an application to tell you exactly what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes.


Below you will find documentation detailed and summary, to get started, please review the section "Getting Started" and don't forget about the user forums at 


More information about Opmantek and our products and services available on our website. 

Using this Documentation

With the release of Open-AudIT 2.x the GUI has been reorganized into three main concepts:

  1. Discover - Getting device information into Open-AudIT.
  2. Report - Reporting on the information you have collected.
  3. Manage - Managing collections of items.

The documentation has been updated to reflect this change, it each of those sections, three further sections have been included:

  • HowTo - How to get something done in Open-AudIT
  • About - How things work in Open-AudIT
  • Collections - The nitty-gritty details of things in Open-AudIT

Getting Started by Installing Open-AudIT

About Open-AudIT


Getting device information into Open-AudIT.


Reporting on the information you have collected.


Managing collections of items.

HowTo - General

About - General

Collections - General

Collections - Users


Supporting documentation about the Open-AudIT application itself.

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